St. John Fisher

St. John Fisher
Catholic Primary School

Religious Education

At St John Fisher School, children exhibit rapid growth in their religious literacy as they progress through their educational journey. They enthusiastically and confidently engage in discussions about various aspects of the Catholic Faith that they've learned, showcasing their religious articulateness and providing clear reasoning to support their viewpoints.

Inclusive teaching practices ensure that all pupils with diverse learning needs are fully integrated into the classroom environment. Lessons are thoughtfully scaffolded to cater to individual learning styles, and additional support is readily available to those who require it. The curriculum is carefully designed to embrace various learning approaches, empowering all children, including those with specific learning needs, to express their understanding through multiple channels.

The atmosphere within our religious education classes is vibrant, with children demonstrating a profound enjoyment for learning and a keen enthusiasm to delve deeper into the subject matter. They actively participate in lessons, eagerly ask questions, and readily showcase their learning, fostering a culture of exploration and discovery. Through their thoughtful responses and engagement, our students exemplify a high level of religious literacy.